Each client is different and their needs vary. At Simon Davenport Associates we always tailor our service to suit your particular requirements

Below are examples of typical services we offer. We would be happy to talk through your needs to make sure we provide a service that is right for you
Project Planning

Together with our surveying service (see below) this offers our clients invaluable advice and assistance right at the very start of their building project.

Often clients will approach a builder, architect or interior designer first. However, as Chartered Surveyors and Project Managers we have a greater understanding of the whole building process from initial survey to project completion and beyond. We therefore believe that we are best placed to help you with all the preliminary steps in your project. As a guide these will include the following:

  • Advice on the suitability of your property for your proposed scheme.
  • Advice on any necessary consent such as planning and Landlord’s consent.
  • Advice on the likely cost and general timescales.
  • Help with the selection of the design team such as Architects and Interior Designers.
  • Help with the appointment of building contractors and consultants such as Quantity Surveyors and Engineers.
  • Advice on tendering and getting value for money.
  • Advice on building contracts and insurance.

Whatever you are planning make us your first point of contact and we will provide the expertise to make your plans a reality.

Building Surveys

As part of our Project Planning service, we can offer to undertake a full building survey of your property during the initial property acquisition.

We have the in-house expertise to deliver building surveys focusing on any area, whether it be full redevelopment and an appraisal of the building’s ability to accommodate the proposals from a physical and statutory viewpoint or a simple assessment of the existing structure and services to determine if there might be any nasty surprises lurking. The more you understand about the fabric and structure of your property the easier it will be to plan your project and we can tailor our reporting to suit your requirements.

Project Management

Our full project management service means we take on responsibility for the day to day management and co-ordination of the project and the project team.

This allows the designers, architects and other consultants the freedom to get on with what they do best but ensures that each member of the team is playing their part, is acting in harmony with the other members of the team and delivering what the client expects. Throughout this process we will act as the client’s main point of contact.

Contract Administration

This service is provided in conjunction with our project management service. In this role we deal with the formal administration of the building contract and all contractual issues arising during the life of the project.

Client Representative

This service can be provided where a client does not require our full project management service but would still like a main point of contact with the building team.

As the client’s representative we take on the role of liaising on behalf of our client with the consultants and contractors. This allows our clients to have as much or as little involvement with the building team as they choose. When clients are absent they know that someone is acting on their behalf and protecting their interests.

Quantity Surveying

No matter how big or small a project, ensuring clients get value for money is always paramount. As part of our overall role we can now offer a complete Quantity Surveying service. This ensures our clients receive accurate cost advice throughout the entire process so they can manage and maintain financial control of a project. Effective cost advice is a vital component at each stage of the construction process from feasibility study budget estimates, pre contract design development stages through to cost management and control during the on-site construction stage. We manage the finances at all stages of the project to ensure that cost is proactively managed and communicated in a regular, concise manner to clients throughout the entire process.

Landlord's Consent

If your property is Leasehold or share of the Freehold, you will need your landlord’s consent to undertake certain types of work.

Neighbourly advice

If you are planning works which may affect your neighbour’s property you will need to comply with a piece of legislation known as the Party Wall Act.

This Act ensures that any damage caused to neighbouring property is fully compensated. We can offer you advice on your duties under the legislation and can also act as your representative. Likewise where you are affected by neighbouring works we can liaise with their surveyors and negotiate party wall matters on your behalf. We are also able to advise you on planning matters in connection with your own development or neighbouring development works which may have a negative impact on your own property.

Planned Property Maintenance

All properties require planned maintenance to keep them in good condition.

By keeping your property in tip top condition not only do you enhance the pleasure of your home but you also prevent damage to internal finishes, you ensure services are running at their most efficient and you reduce the potential for those frustrating ‘out of hours’ callouts. We are able to produce a bespoke Planned Preventative Maintenance programme to fit with your property’s construction and servicing requirements, giving you peace of mind that everything is working as it should and allowing you to replace obsolete or old services at your convenience.

Property Defects

As Chartered Building Surveyors we have in depth knowledge of construction methods both in new buildings and those dating back hundreds of years.

We are experienced in identifying defects and are able to recommend remedial repairs or, in those instances where the cause of the defect is not immediately apparent, recommend a logical and coherent strategy for eliminating the potential causes of the defect.

Property disposal

If you are looking to sell your property we can undertake a Building Survey before it is presented to the market.

We can highlight any defects or deficiencies in its construction, services or technical documentation that might be picked up in a purchaser’s report allowing you, or us, to attend to them beforehand. Our report can be offered with the property sale pack reducing the opportunity for price negotiation. We can even assign our report to the purchaser negating the requirement for them to appoint their own surveyor, thus speeding up the sale process. Prime properties will always benefit from being offered to the market in tip top condition and we can help you manage the repair/decoration works prior to sale and if appropriate introduce you to furniture hire companies.